Monday, January 25, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Legally Distinct

“Cheaters never prosper.”
Super Mario* #quote

Today I coded my video game character doing an idle animation(what she does when she's standing in place, since y'know people don't freeze like statues when they're not doing anything) It's not the final version but it's good for getting a feel of how many frames I should draw for things. The funny part is that it was really easy to speed up, so I make it many times faster and it was like she just drank fifteen cups of coffee. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Legally Distinct

        “Now Bike, you're not the only one with your problem. A lot of characters go through what you're going through, and I'm going to help you like I've helped them,” said editor Janice Glade to Bike Tysun, the legally distinct parody character that was going to appear in the novel that her publishing house was going to release.
        Bike told her, “I know but, just because Lance Groundwalker managed to do it doesn't mean I can.”
         The editor then said, “I know you can fulfill your role Bike.”
        “But I'm not like other characters!” The legally distinct Tysun shook his boxing gloves while clenching his teeth, every single one in place, unlike a possible hypothetical boxer that may have lost theirs. “Other protagonists, ones that aren't just legally distinct parodies, have their own identities, lives and everything. I'm not unique. I'm a clone of someone. I want my story to be only my story.”
        The editor put her hand on the muscular man's shoulder like a mother would a child and told him, “But it is your own story. Your just being born from a different place. Any author gets their ideas from somewhere. You're an evolution. Legally distinct characters are just that, legally distinct. Now go, live out your distinct story, and your distinct life.”

        A small tear formed in Bike's eye, almost microscopic. After it made it's way down his face he accepted the editor's words and himself and vanished into his story, ready to act it out for all those that would read it.  

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