Friday, January 22, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Renovated Haunt

“Come on in, the water's fine.”
Cthulhu* #quote

Tomorrow CJ might come over. Also monkeys might rise up to rule us all. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Renovated Haunt

         Renovation show Restoring Randy bought the old haunted house on Sunnyside Lane. The studio didn't know it was haunted. The producer became quite frustrated when a strange shadow began appearing on the recordings. By adding some extra lighting they managed to get rid of strange shadow.
         That shadow belonged to Tom the ghost. His nap reached a rude awakening when Randy hit a wall with a sledgehammer, one of his trademark moves. Though people employed by show did a great deal of work, Randy did do some work on his show. It didn't matter to Tom, either way the show that purchased his home was wrecking it to pieces. The show planned to make the old home anew and sell it. The ghost had no need for brand new tile, walls or plumbing, as well as any of the noise that came with it.
        Tom pulled every ghost trick in the book he could to get the people out of his house. He moved objects, he made strange noises. Noises were drowned out by the noise of the work or Randy's narrative voice. Others were explained away or ignored. Often strange occurrences were blamed on interns. They'd be gone soon enough.

         Tom eventually gave up. The cameramen and workers cleaned up, and for the last few days of filming they focused on Randy's final overview of the work they did on the home. On the very last moment before he left Randy turned to Tom and smiled. The ghost looked behind him, but there wasn't anything else he could be looking at. Randy then spoke, “Give my great-great-great-grandma some good company. I made this house especially just for her and I don't want a bad roommate ruining it.” Tom then wondered how many other old homes Randy renovated for ghosts.

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