Monday, January 18, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Of Dreams And Nightmares

“Think outside the box.”
Harry Houdini* #quote

        I've been making good progress on my game. I intend to have a working idle animation of the main character within the week. So far it's been filler pictures in a test environment. The primordial ooze of a game. I've had many function pieces so far, but now I inch closer to what will be the code that goes into the final product, instead of what I create as I learn and test. The animation code for this idle animation may be what I use for most of what is in the game. It will be quite satisfying when I manage to get it working.
       However it will still be very, very long until the game is completed. I intend to sell it, and for that I need to make all my own characters, a long process indeed. For the idle animation I did draw every frame myself. Nobody ever said making a good game would be easy. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Of Dreams And Nightmares

          The sensations that nightmares bring are some of the worst a human can experience. Dread, fear, pain, and other terrors surround the person like a flood and they cannot escape since they are in their mind. A person can wake up with the same amount of fight-or-flight adrenaline induced sweat that being held at gun point can create. Fortunately nightmares are rare.
          For monsters of all kinds the opposite is true. They find joy in the most terrible of sensations. Nightmares are common for them and they love every one of them. When the darkness of sleep fills their mind they hope it fills with the most fearful of things so that the adrenaline can rejuvenate their bodies.
          One goblin however came in crying to his mother. Eek was his name, it came from the favorite little scream goblins loved to hear from human children. The goblin mother held her son in her green arms and asked, “What's wrong dear?”
          “Mommy! I had a dream!” The child accepted his mother's embrace without hesitation.
          “A dream?”
          Eek frowned, his long, sloped nose pointing to the ground, “Yes, it was...I didn't like it was scary...but not good scary. I didn't feel spooked at all.”
          The mother then asked, “What happened in the dream?” She kept holding her child. The only pleasant feelings that monsters retained involved their bonds to their family and friends. It was an element of survival.
            “I was flying. It was sunny and warm...I kept moving through the clouds. It was beautiful. Everything was so soft, and calm, and happy. And when I woke up...” The gears in the little goblin's head were turning, looking for the words to describe it, straining his memory to the vocabulary he learned from the adults. “I felt so relaxed my muscles were limp. Like something weak. I don't like being weak. I want to have a nightmare.”
           The mother then said, “Remember dear, none of it is real. Now go back to bed and think of all things that can eat you and tear you limb from limb. That'll make sure you have the nightmare that'll make you feel nice and strong from fear.”

           The goblin boy went back off to bed with a grin on his face.

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