Friday, January 8, 2016

Today's #flashfiction A Dangerous Combination

“We did a bang-up job.”
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Tomorrow CJ might be coming over, and if not I'll be heading over to my card game thing. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Dangerous Combination

            The most dangerous combination in the world is not someone with ambition and cunning, but someone who is lazy and cunning. An example of this could be found in Gregory the house cat. He was bothered constantly by his owners to get the mice in their massive mansion. The one time he presented a dead mouse corpse to his owner, although the owner was disgusted he congratulated and gave Gregory extra food. Delicious high quality human food.
            The cat wanted the food, but detested chasing the mice and rats in the huge home of the family. Though the family wasn't rich right now, they did own a large house just from it being passed down from generation to generation. The cat's cunning and greater intellect allowed him to passively understand a small bit of television while he lounged in his owner's lap. Mostly he enjoyed the pleasant jingles of commercials or any nice voices. One time however he saw a show that took place on a farm and showed a chicken coop along with a human taking a chicken from the coop.
           This gave the cunning cat an idea. It went into the cellar holding scraps of food it found to unpleasant to eat. It began feeding the rats. They began to become domesticated by the cat. So instead of chasing the vermin in the basement it began to make them its own.

            Awhile passed and the cat's labor paid off. They didn't resist when it grabbed them gently in its mouth and carried them off into the next room out of view of the others. It took care of it and presented it to its owner. The owner thought the cat was taking care of the problem, but when in actuality the rats had only increased since Gregory began his project to avoid chasing them down. Cunning and laziness, a most dangerous combination.

Author Comment: This story came to me when I thought, “Hey, I should write something about a cat!” I'll try to make the next cat story cuddly.

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