Sunday, January 10, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Detoaster

“Make love not war.”
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I wonder if the aliens haven't landed because they're afraid they'll get ticketed? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Detoaster

          Doctor Gavin Stream had three doctorates by the time he was thirty. He was a genius on the level of those absurd movie ones that can whip up inventions for anything on the fly. However Doctor Gavin possessed one fatal flaw. His interest for what to invent.
         “Amanda, Amanda!” Gavin shouted to his wife from his lab in their house while wearing rubber gloves and a leather lab coat. Why he chose leather for the lab coat could probably be explained but most people preferred to leave some geniuses to their own brand of brilliant madness.
         “What is it dear?” His wife entered the lab, seeing the usual strange equipment. She wore plain clothes and knew that her husband only called her in when everything dangerous was turned off. One time she found him with burnt off eyebrows and he assured her that nothing was on fire anymore.
          The scientist held up what looked like a toaster, his black hair full of crumbs from repeated tests. “Look! I call it the Detoaster! Now no one will have to worry about making the wrong choice of what to have for breakfast. If they change their mind then they can put the toast back in and it will turn back into bread. It'll even extract jelly and butter you've put on the toast and it will come out of these holes from the side.”
          Amanda put her hand on her husbands shoulder and told him, “Honey, people aren't as indecisive about what to have for breakfast as you are. I think it's lovely and we can use it, but we won't be able to sell this one.”
          Her husband didn't always make flops. He invented things so often that they lived off a few of the inventions that were market worthy. One computer chip he felt like inventing one day because his computer was a little slow made them royalties for years.
          The Doctor then said, “Ah, I just had another idea! The Decleaner! For all those people who enjoy cleaning up things it'll make a huge mess for them by the push of a button!”

Amanda knew that invention wasn't very viable either, but she knew her husband needed to get the itch an idea gave him out of his system, at least a little even if he didn't finish it. “Just be sure to be done by dinner.”  

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