Saturday, January 23, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Temporal Television

“It's a dry heat.”
Lucifer* #quote

I wonder how many people think ahead and bring soap to meteor showers. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Temporal Television

         “Rewind back to the Romans!” yelled deity Harold, the easiest thing to call him since his real name is unpronounceable by human mouths. In fact everything they say is being approximated from a language beyond mere mortals.
        “You always want to watch reruns with mortals on any world,” responded his brother Chad.
Harold defended his rerun love, “Mortals are funnier when you know what's happening next. It adds a whole new layer of comedy.”
        “It makes it boring.” Harold. The two gods sat on cloud-like couch made of souls in apartment with walls made of materials that bent space and time itself. Their heads appeared like alligators with many more eyes and the neck melted into a torso and legs with otherworldly flesh that took the form of beautiful purple tapestry. Instead of normal arms coming out of the tapestry, tentacles came out, however they ended in green hands. Chad held the remote firmly.
       Chad then said, “Personally I think this present is boring on this world. I want to fast forward or flip channels to a different world.” Their massive temporal television spanned their entire view from their soul-couch.
       “Will you not let me rewind because I said Shakespeare was dumb and didn't let you rewind to watch his play?” Harold asked.
       Chad started fast forwarding the temporal television to humanities future. “Y'know what? Yeah, if I can't have my Shakespeare, then you're not having your Romans or Genghis Khan or whatever stupid drama you want to watch again and again.”

      Harold then said, “Sorry. I didn't know you like him that much. Guess I was trying to hog it. Let's watch some Shakespeare.”

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