Thursday, January 14, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Socializing Songs

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I hear it's unlucky to have iceberg lettuce on a cruise ship. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Socializing Songs

          When the songs didn't jingle for their user on the music player they mingled. The teenager downloaded a huge library of songs to listen to when he sat in the bus or wherever boredom needed his ears filled with melody. These chart toppers to obscure indie band releases gossiped and talked about whatever they could whenever their work didn't need to be done. A new song download or any connection to another device brought news from the outside world. Otherwise it was like a small town filled with bored neighbors passing the time talking.
          Or arguing. Heavy metal music tended to be the loudest during arguments. Most all arguments were about who was the best music and what genre of music was the best. The “proof” most often used, if any, was what the teenager was currently listening to. But since the device was sometimes borrowed and hooked into various things the heated debates had no end. Plus, nobody had any reason agree. After all, agreement was saying that you were inferior to someone else. During one argument a poor rap song dared confront some polka on a bad day and was cursed till its notes were jumbled.
         One song, often skipped over, but never deleted was a classical song that the teenager listened to. A favorite of his Dad's. Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy. The song was the only one that didn't argue. It didn't think of itself as superior or inferior. An old dusty song, it just preferred to be content in what it was, even if it wasn't listened to that often.

        And being content made it the happiest song of them all.   

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