Monday, January 11, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Demon's Paintings

“Safety first!”
Evel Knievel* #quote

What happens when you cross zombies with four-wheel drive and polka music? I heard it was the start of a recipe for a balanced breakfast. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Demon's Paintings

             Everyday the demon painted. His work was some of the most shocking in all the Underworld. Other demons were appalled by his fascination with the strange and deviant subject matter he painted. But what he painted is what made him famous and what made the demons flock to any art shows that displayed his works. There were different artists that painted what he did, but they were only half-hearted, often incomplete attempts as the effort to go see the subject matter first-hand was difficult, an almost impossible task that would often drive demons mad.
          The demon painted humans. He would go to the human world to paint them, which would require him to take human form something maddening in of itself. Then to socially blend in and draw them in their normal states. It was something that the other demons could hardly understand. How could he resist going on any sort of rampage? It was always instinct for demons to kill. And how could the demon possibly see to paint with only two eyes instead of his usual four? He did such quality work with only two! Other demons had gone mad from the loss of some of there senses. Very few demons could understand any of it as every aspect of the human world was strange and maddening from its bright colors to the way the humans acted with their smiles and other expressions.

           But somehow the demon immersed himself and painted that world and brought the madness of the human world to the Underworld. Somehow this demon was able to tolerate the horror and paint it for all to see. Then the more rebellious youth started emulating the madness in the paintings and smiled themselves. When the demon painter began to notice this he himself smiled, as that was the purpose of his painting, to teach the Underworld of humanity's happy madness.

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