Friday, January 15, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Lazy Dragon

“If the shoe fits, wear it.”
The Sasquatch* #quote

Cj's probably coming over tomorrow so that'll be cool. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Lazy Dragon

           Sir Gallant approached the dragon in his lair with his sword held high. The knight's armor was forged especially for fighting dragons, and his blade for fighting them. He'd slain many dragons before, and this one would go down all the same.
          “Release the princess beast!” Sir Gallant yelled.
The dragon replied in his booming, yet soft voice, “Sorry man, no princess here.” The massive green beast scratched its neck.
         “What?” Sir Gallant was quite confused. “But the king's daughter was kidnapped and the guards defeated with massive claw marks!”
          The dragon then said, “I dunno, must have been some other dragon. Or the trolls. I've never felt like kidnapping a princess. Too much work.”
        “Well, I didn't spend hours traveling to get into your lair for nothing so hand over your treasure.”
        The dragon then mumbled, which sounded like a normal human groaning with his deep voice, “I don't bother getting treasure. Too much work.”
        Sir Gallant, get quite frustrated then proclaimed, “Then I'll avenge those you killed!”
        The dragon then explained, “Man, I'm a vegetarian. It's too much work to kill things. I just eat from food in the woods. Like the oranges. I like oranges. Do you like oranges? I have some extras.”

        “I hate you.” Sir Gallant stomped his way out of the dragon's lair, his lust for duel with a monster unsatisfied.

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