Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Benson's Frightful Night

“I'm pulling an all nighter.”
Thomas The Tank Engine* #quote

I never got this whole 3-D TV thing. TVs have always been 3-D, isn't everything in reality?Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Benson's Frightful Night

        Selfish corporate executive, and major stock holder Jacob Benson slept on his bed to be awoken by a figure with stark white skin, the strange visitor's body covered in white. Only a small, worn gray tarp kept it from being nude.
        “Who are you!?” Benson yelled, ready to reach for the gun in his nightstand.
        “I am you...” it said, “Or it's better to say, I am your spirit. I came to warn you about the pain you'll receive later in life, so maybe if you change your'll be heaven you wind up in instead of as me...a ghost filled with regret.
         Benson's body shook with fear, he remembered all the ghost stories he heard his father tell at the campfire. His older self, the bony spirit he saw before him, came with a warning. “What happens, what should I do.”
         The spirit told him, “Treat everyone you know better. Family, friends, then treat those you don't know better. And those you control as well. You hurt the employees in your company the most...and terrible things happen because of it. What it is...the rules of what I can reveal from the Other Side prevent me from saying. I can only tell you to change. Now return to sleep.”
          Benson pulled himself under the covers in fright, covering his whole self. The ghost watched carefully and when he knew that Benson returned to sleep he left through the door, then returned to his car parked a few blocks down. He drove back to his apartment and washed off the paint.

         The janitor's scheme to get better treatment at work paid off. Luckily those rumors of his boss being afraid of ghosts were true.

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