Saturday, January 30, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Khufu And The Aliens

“Tag, you're it!”
Bigfoot* #quote

If Nostradamus could see the future, couldn't he see that some people would believe in his predictions, ergo he could have decided to prank them by making stuff up? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Khufu And The Aliens

        Pharaoh Khufu yelled, “No way am I paying such a ridiculous price!”
        “But your pyramid will be finished in a year, no hassle.” The alien smiled, standing on two legs and shaped like the human, but having an extra eye, a larger head, hairless skin, and an extra eye.
        “All that gold and'll make my kingdom one of poorest in the world!” The Pharaoh, although a royal that taxed his subjects and viewed himself a god, did think of himself somewhat responsible. That, and if poor enough, the kingdom itself would be vulnerable to attack.
        The alien gestured its hand outside the Khufu's chambers. “You've certainly heard of how we changed the Atlantean island into a massive fortress.”
         Khufu then scoffed, “I bet that contraption you've made of their island will sink to the bottom of the sea.”
         The alien then said, “Your lack of faith in us in disturbing. Your skepticism is unfounded. A little trust can go a long way. We'll give you a full refund if the thing falls apart.”
         Khufu replied, “Nice try, it's supposed to stay up after I'm dead. Now leave, we'll just build it ourselves.”

         The alien shrugged, “Fine. But remember, we could have done it better.”

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