Monday, January 4, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Party Down At Gahant's Place

“The one ring to rule them all.”
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Woe be to the person who is waiting to leave work and is staring at a broken clock. Anyway onto the flash fiction.

Party Down At Gahant's Place

         After becoming a wizard Gahant learned an unfortunate fact. Dragons make very inconsiderate friends. He bonded with the beasts to learn powerful sorcery, and they did teach them. However this made them feel like they could come over to his home whenever they felt like it. To them they figured Gahant was part of their pack, and his nest was good for them to slip into at any time with magical portals. And they figured they could bring all their friends too.
        Dragons are much smaller than most fables portray them, about the size of dogs, but about fifty of them drinking and partying contained the destructive might of the massive monsters of the most extravagant fairy tales. Whenever he came home to a wrecked house, piles used paper plates with the leftover cheese goo of bird-pizza(a dragon's favorite dish) and crumbled beer cans Gahant wondered if all the powerful dragon magic he learned was worth it.

       However the dragon parties were not as bad as the parties the demons threw.  

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