Sunday, January 17, 2016

Today's #flashfiction It's Always Rainy In Philadelphia

“Pick a card, any card.”
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The way into a man's heart is through his blood vessels. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

It's Always Rainy In Philadelphia

         The old barkeep sat in his car on the road near his bar in Philadelphia. The rain poured. Heavy. The water started rising on the street. It'd been a long time since it'd rain this hard this many days in a row. The water only started to get this far into town.
         “Damn.” He then pulled out his cellphone and called a dear friend, and his business partner. “David? The flood's going to hit our bar. Hard.”
         “Why would that matter Sam? We've owned that bar for decades, this isn't the first flood we've had, we'll just rebuild it. We've got insurance.” His friend laughed. The less serious of the two, Sam went through every one of their problems with a smile on his face. He'd get tough when he needed to, but Sam managed to keep everyone at their business from losing their head.
            Sam then replied, “David, we've been working at this awhile.” The water continued to rise little by little. “We're past retirement age, and I think we've just been working on the bar because it's all we've known for so long. I want to just let the flood take it and use the insurance money to add to what retirement we have. Let the bar go. Or if we repair the bar, we just sell it. I just want to move on.”
            David's took a full minute to respond, and he did so in a voice filled with both sadness and happiness. “Yeah, we should move on.”
        Sam started to drive away from the bar, leaving it behind to be wrecked by water while he found higher ground. He wasn't sure what he'd do with the last parts of his old life, but he knew he wouldn't forget all those decades the bar he owned.

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