Thursday, January 28, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Ghost Vacation

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Ferris Bueller* #quote

       Throughout history people have looked up at the sky and made shapes from the stars. Aren't our imaginations mischievous? It refuses to leave things alone and just be themselves, like refusing to let stars simply be little dots in the sky. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Ghost Vacation

           Ghost couple Vanessa and Kyle took a break from their usual haunt to go to Hawaii and spook up that place while enjoying the sunlight(a common myth that ghosts don't enjoy light, they simple cannot be seen by the living).
            They loved the warmth and winds of the beachfront as it passed through their bodies, each resembling their living ones, except extremely see through and covered with ectoplasm film that fell over them like a sheet.
           A ring came from Kyle's plasmicphone, a variation of a cellphone that existed for ethereal beings. Ectoplasm existed all around and they crafted many things from it. Kyle took one look at it and hung it up. It rang again. He hung it up again.
          “Who is that?” Vanessa asked.
          “Dunno,” Kyle responded.
          Vanessa then suggested, “Answer it. If they're calling again it's probably someone with a wrong number.”
          Kyle answered it but accidentally put it on speaker, before he could get a word in the person on the other end said, “Dear? You kept hanging up. What's wrong?”
          Vanessa then yelled, “Dear!? Who is that?”
          The person on the other end asked, “Are you with a woman? What's going on?”
Kyle then knew that no amount of lying could get him out of this one. “Vanessa, meet Holly, my wife from when I was alive.”
         “You're married!?” Vanessa yelled.
          Kyle responded, “Well, see the vows are until death do you part...”
          Holly was silent. This made Kyle even more afraid since he figured Holly might have been beyond words in fury.
          “I died when I was thirty okay!? After ten years I got tired of waiting. I didn't want you die an early death Holly and I wanted to love again. It took another seven years to find Vanessa.”
          “You're that old!?” Vanessa yelled. Ghosts retained the body they died in, so Vanessa would look eternally twenty eight, Kyle thirty, and Holly sixty.
          “I didn't remarry,” said Holly in a calm voice, hiding emotions as she often did. Her disposition did not match Vanessa at all. Both died recently however, at their respective ages, and one was vastly more experienced in life than the other.
           “You could have!” yelled Kyle. “You could have moved on!”
           “Why did you lie to me?” asked Holly, a bit of the anger she held back coming back in her voice. “You told me that you still loved me like I still loved you. You never told me about her.”
            Vanessa wanted to add something, but with the emotion she invested into Kyle she couldn't quite figure out what to say. The initial rage began to fall into confusion and bewilderment since her mind couldn't wrap around what she should do. She both loved and hated Kyle at this moment.
            Kyle held back his tears, things he didn't know he had as a ghost. “Because I still love you. It's just...when I died...and all that time passed. I figured you would move on and I'd lost you forever. When you became a ghost I was ecstatic...but I already had Vanessa. I wanted to have you both.”
            Neither woman could respond immediately, but their hearts and minds were turning looking for the proper response while they thought of themselves, Kyle, and the other woman.
          “And now I've lost you both,” Kyle dropped the ethereal phone on the ground. He faded, becoming barely visible to even Vanessa and drifted away. Before she could she say something to him he went far enough away from her that she couldn't see him.

            Vanessa then picked up the phone and said, “I'm so sorry.” She's wasn't exactly sure if she was apologizing or consoling Holly or something else entirely. She just knew it needed to be said.

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