Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Risen Demons

“You're driving me crazy!”
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CJ should be coming over this weekend so that'll be funtastic and funriffic. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Risen Demons

        Fallen angels are usually the talk of the celestial town. Renegades that sin and put their shining wings to shame with the darkness of sin. These beings make a mess and get famous for what they wreck. Then they get tossed downstairs to be forgotten to make room for the next piece of news. But they still get their fifteen minutes of fame on the Other Side.
        The ones that didn't get any fame, but just awkward conversation and hellos, are the risen demons. The opposite of fallen angels, they are demons that have done so much good they have earned the right to move upstairs to paradise. People don't quite know how to treat them. Paradise has always been a contradiction, since people would want different things, so the Big G worked hard to make it as perfect for everyone he could.
        But still people didn't quite know what to do with someone who had been so utterly evil to be down there, and somehow get topside to paradise. At least for awhile. A long while. But the Big G was clever. It was life everlasting up there after all, and eventually they learned. They always learned whatever changes he made up there. Each and every one that came past Saint Peter learned how to accept the others in the domain. It just took time.

       On Earth there are no such as risen demons, but there is also less time to adapt to people. Perhaps someday it will take humans less time to get used to those around it. Then maybe Earth will be closer to being like paradise.

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